About Us

Mark and Olivia Kirkland are the founders of Kirkland Cabinets and Innovations.

Mark has over 24 years experience in the cabinet making industry, and Olivia is a licensed and bonded home builder as well as a general contractor. With their combined knowledge of building custom cabinetry and home building, Mark and Olivia have made their custom cabinetry a great success.

"We get a personal satisfaction in working one on one with our clients to accommodate their needs. Our clients have a vision and we help turn that vision into reality." - Olivia Kirkland

Everything created by Kirkland Cabinets and Innovations is hand-crafted with top quality materials and careful attention to every single detail.  The custom designs offer flexibility in ways that most pre-manufactured cabinets cannot offer. Your needs are unique and Kirkland Cabinets and Innovations can help create storage solutions that not only reflect your style, but help your home stay beautifully organized.