Bathroom Styles and Designs

In all the pieces that are created at Kirkland Custom Cabinets, Inc., we can’t ignore the pieces that go in possibly the most personal space in your home. Vanities, custom shelves and storage, they are all very important in the style and functionality of your bathroom.

Maple Dark Coffee Glazed Vanity by Kirkland Custom Cabinets, Inc.

In finding the perfect piece for your bathroom, the size, shape, and design are all taken into consideration. For this smaller, elongated bathroom, a two door vanity with a drawer below was a perfect fit. The decorative bun feet on the bottom make the vanity seem more like a functional piece of furniture, as well as giving the illusion of more space.

When a room is smaller, giving your furniture a lift (or an illusion of a lift) will make the room seem more open and less crowded.

Master Bathroom by Kirkland Custom Cabinets, Inc.

We can help you find extra storage space in your bathroom in any nook and cranny. This half of a his-and-her vanity (as well as the other half on the other side of the bathroom) has built in shelves on the end. These shelves provide excellent storage for towels, washrags, soaps, or anything else that would be needed for the large tub that is just on the other side of the steps.

Not only is storage a key factor in our designs, your home’s duct work, plumbing, and electrical is also taken into account. Notice the beautiful, built-in floor vent under the drawers. We will work with your other contractors to build the cabinets that are perfect and unique to your home.

Custom Barnwood Black Distressed Vanity by Kirkland Custom Cabinets, Inc.

This bathroom has a few strange angles that could pose as a design problem for mass-produced, factory cabinets. Our production team did not see this as a problem, but rather as a challenge, and they did an excellent job in creating the perfect solution. For the squared wall, they used a standard, one-sink, square vanity with drawers on each side as the base. The angled wall has a faux drawer, since a fully functioning drawer would not fit, and double doors underneath that open up to more storage.

If you are building a new house or remodeling your old bathroom, check out our Bathroom Gallery, Houzz, and Pinterest page for more inspiration. Then, when you’re ready, go to our Contact Page to request a quote to get started on your dream bathroom!