Finding Your Style

Do you get a confused look on your face when you hear phrases such as “eclectic cottage chic?” I know I do sometimes. So, what in the world do all of these phrases in the design world mean, and which one applies to you?

First, here are a few common design style phrases and their definitions you might hear (quoted from

Contemporary Design – Windermere Real Estate

Contemporary: open spaces; modern, clean lines; and carefully selected accents in bold shades

Eclectic Design – Windermere Real Estate

Eclectic: a mélange of any design style or a mix of objects from different eras; unifies diverse collections through color, scale, texture, and groupings to make a cohesive room or home

Mid-Century Modern – Windermere Real Estate

Mid-Century Modern: open floor plans, calls attention to the natural environment; mix natural elements such as stone wall details, natural wood beams, leather, or wood furniture with stainless steel and granite materials

Coastal Design – Windermere Real Estate

Costal: inspired by the beach with natural wood, white walls, and blue and yellow accents; the color palette is characterized as “breezy” with bright or pastel hues influenced by the sea and sand

Shabby Chic Design – Windermere Real Estate

Shabby Chic: casual, romantic furnishings with antiques and elegant adornments, distressed/aged furniture, antiques, and overstuffed/casual furnishings

Now that you know a little bit about which design styles is which, the big question you may have is “What is my style?” To help your quest in finding your own style, take a look at the tips below.

  1. Search your house for your absolute favorites (knick-knacks, clothes, pillows, etc.) and determine the reason why you love them. Are they similar in color, texture, pattern? Do they remind you of something? This could be an indication of what style you could decorate from.
  2. Create a tangible or electronic inspiration board. Find magazine pictures, cloth samples, color samples, personal pictures, etc. and, literally or figuratively, “pin” them to your inspiration board. After you start collecting “pins,” you may start to see a pattern in what you like.
  3. Take online style quizzes. There are plenty to choose from and they all may give you a different result, but the real test is watching yourself answer the questions. You will find what colors or furniture designs you gravitate toward most by taking these quizzes.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your style overnight. Decorating your home is a process. Through time and trial and error, you will come to find your personal style.

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