French Kitchens

It seems having a French kitchen is very popular these days. Most custom built kitchens have some sort of aspect of the French style, if it is not the total design. But, who can help but not have some aspects of this design?

The crown and shoe moulding elements are bold, chunky, and beautiful…

Fluted Sink Base with Furniture Toekick and Arched Window Valance copy

Creamy white and/or bold black painted cabinets are striking and elegant…

Beadback Island with Distressed Finish

Strategically placed decorative wooden corbels and accents make for interesting designs.

Poplar Wood with Black Rubbed Through

French kitchens also have natural elements that mimic the rustic design style like exposed wooden beams and natural finishes to the cabinets.

Another element of this design is adding a piece of furniture or designing existing stand-alone cabinets or islands to look like furniture that was added later than the cabinets.

Black distressed with barn wood accents

Natural light is key in a French kitchen.

Painted Kitchen with Glazed Finish

The best part about this style is that you can incorporate as much or as little as you desire into your own person design.

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