Man Caves

This weekend is Father’s Day. So, to honor our Fathers we are going to take a look into the ever popular Man Cave.

Man Caves are not just a recent trend, they have been around since Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, the Wright Brothers, and Winston Churchill.

The Wright Brothers’ Bicycle Shop, Source: Art of Manliness

And, you can’t forget the ultimate Man Cave of Adam West’s Batman.

Adam West’s Batman Bat Cave, Source: Photo Bucket

Men need a quiet room/area where they can think, unwind, and create. Yes, even manly men create! Probably not the crocheted masterpieces you find on Pinterest, though.

Creating a Man Cave for the Father in your life can be as simple as adding a few things that he loves into an under-used room.

This could be a spare room, converted closet to office area, nook, etc.

Mini Man Cave, Source: Design Inspiration

You could also use your existing garage, shed, or basement.

Or you can make his perfect retreat space as elaborate as building onto your house or building a separate building behind your house.

Eclectic Staircase by Steamboat Springs General Contractors Amaron Folkestad GC Steamboats Builder

Find out what’s most important to your favorite dad and have his “dream” Man Cave come to life!

Check out our Pinterest Board and Houzz Ideabook for more ideas, and be sure to Contact Us when you are ready to add a wet bar or a custom media center to complete the perfect Man Cave.