Springing into New Colors

Spring is finally here. Well, except for this cold snap of blackberry winter we are having here in Alabama. All the colors of Spring are always spectacular to me: the whites and pinks of Japanese Cherry Blossoms, the yellows of buttercups, the reds of tulips, the sky is (usually) brilliant shades of blues and white… I could go on and on.

You don’t have to settle for the colors to stay outside and in your garden. Bring those colors inside for you to enjoy all day long!

2013 Color Trend

The Pantone Color Trend this year is intriguing. It ranges from light, almost pastel colors, to the bright and bold.

Emerald Door

Wouldn’t you love to repaint your door to this bright green color? I would, but I don’t think it would complement my already hunter/juniper green house.

Ocean Blue Hutch

We’ve already talked about blues being a hit with accent pieces and furniture, but I just had to show you this beautiful hutch in Ocean Blue. It is suggested to pair bold-colored pieces like this with natural woods and white ceramics.

Incorporating the 2013 Color Trend into Small Decor Items

If you don’t want to take these colors to the extreme of painting a room or even pieces of furniture, take a look at this handy picture guide for ideas on using these colors in simple décor such as lamps and pillows. Simply by adding a pillow or even changing out a lamp shade, you can enjoy the colors of Spring to your home.