Summer Decor Favorites

Today, I wanted to show you some of my favorite summer-time decorating element trends from this year. Have I mentioned that I am glad that decorating styles are of the anything-goes standard? Yes? There is a whole post about it? Well, I will tell you again, I am very glad. To not be stuck in set style to either use or be square otherwise is quite a free feeling to this creative mind. And, the trends this year have taken to that free feeling, too. We see things from chevron patterns on nearly everything to classic beach themes to ombre colors on nearly everything, as well.

If you haven’t seen anybody do anything with a chevron print, then consider yourself lucky to not be pulled into this addicting decorating element.¬†This decorating trend is everywhere, and if you weren’t a fan at the beginning like me, then you may be warming up to the idea by now. Chevron prints are usually cheery “v” shaped lines in bright colors on neutral backdrops, which make great color schemes for summertime and can be found on nearly everything.

Chevron Wall Art

Chevron Rug

Ombre Chevron Wall

Have you also seen what people are doing with ombre? It is painted on nearly everything like the chevron pattern. Being reminiscent of a sunrise/sunset, this decorating element is perfect for making your home bright and cheery during the summer.

Ombre Stairs

Ombre Dresser

Classic beach and nautical elements are still a great way to celebrate summer through your decor.

Nautical Stripes

Decorating with starfish, seashell, and twine lamp

You can’t forget about that vase you bought while vacationing in the tropics! Display that beautiful treasure in your summer decor for memories that last all year long.

Decorate with vacation treasures

The simplest and cheapest way to bring the summer indoors is to display your favorite fresh cut flowers.

Fresh flowers in a paper lantern

However, if you are allergic to fresh flowers, you can still bring in these happy darlings through patterns on pillows, canvas pictures, etc.

Poppy Pillows

Floral Bed Scarf

Even though it is mid-August and summer is technically almost over, the warm air will still be persistent here in the South through September. This means we still have plenty of time to enjoy those cheery summer decorations for a little while longer.