Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July! This is one of my favorite holidays. I love going to my parents’ house  where we spend most of the day eating things like grilled ribs/burgers, delicious homemade potato salad, and all kinds of red, white, and blue decorated desserts. All of us here at Kirklands wish you a very happy…

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Outdoor Kitchens

We in Alabama are experiencing the last of what we call “Winter,” and are expectantly awaiting on Spring to arrive. I put quotes around “Winter” because for our friends up north who just received 3 feet of snow, this is shorts weather down here. Either way, Spring is just around the corner! Especially after researching…

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Cabinets and Storage Solutions for Smaller Houses

(Source: http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/) What would you think about living in a house this small? This little house on wheels is called a Tumbleweed House and it is, at most, 120 square feet. If you can believe it, there is every “room” you would need: a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living/eating area, even a front porch. Could you…

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